• AccentMagic

    Uniting the World through Seamless Communication.

  • What We Do

    Accents are an integral part of spoken language and have a strong bearing on intelligibility. Two people say from India and China, may hardly understand each other even when speaking a common language, such as English. Even two people from the same country, say from Kentucky and New Orleans, speaking their first language, can sound quite different and experience difficulty in communication.


    What if people had the ability to hear speech in any chosen accent? Or have the ability to live-translate the speech to suit the listener or modulate their vocal persona? Accent Magic!

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    Enhance Intelligibility

    Enable speakers to automatically translate their speech to suit the listener's pronunciation style.
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    Promote Belongingness and Diversity

    Foster a sense of familiarity and belongingness amongst people, without forcing them to change the way they speak.
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    Improve audio quality

    Improve audio quality to the level of professionally spoken and recorded speech.
  • Preview our Accent Translation Tech...

    We also remove noise, reverberation, and enhance the audio quality to HD as a byproduct, alongside translating the accent.